Anthony Hague a.k.a "ant..." is available for a wide range of commissioned projects as an individual artist and as part of a new retouching services group known as 'Ronin Retouchers'.
Since 2000 Anthony has focussed on photographic image retouching, continuously moving with advancements in technology to provide the most creative and efficient service possible, then in 2007 he was awarded for his efforts from two of the greatest foundations in advertising and design, D&AD UK and Cannes France.  
In the last few years we have all been blessed with high speed internet which has made it possible to collaborate with creatives at any time from almost anywhere on the planet as if we were together in one room passing on files and information, so for once their are no limits to what is possible from digital imaging service.  

Please contact "ant..." if you would like any information about the services, costs or on any projects, from the big ideas to run of the mill high turnover/short retouch time jobs, they are all equally important.
Mobile:  +44 (0)7872 316 310 
Email:  anthonyhague@gmail.com