Anthony Hague is a Creative photographic Image-Maker.  But I call myself a Creative Retoucher because creatively that’s at the heart of the image-making process and it's my specialty.  Basically, I love to create photographic artistic images using the best methods available.  I'm constantly researching artistic trends to see what is having the biggest impact and I see every single job as an opportunity for that image to shine, no matter what the budget.  I've done my job when my client's image clearly stands out.

Late 90’s I started as a studio photographer then I quickly learned that photoshop retouching was the way to create anything I wanted.  2006 received the greatest accolade in the industry when awarded from D&AD, Cannes and Folio.  Lately ive been getting into CGI for its limitless possibilities.

Start with digital photography, then creative photoshop retouching, and sometimes elements of photorealistic CGI to get stuff that can’t be photographed, like if your image needs a bolt of lightning.
On some smaller jobs I enjoy doing the photography myself, especially product shots.  With the big brand adverts I’m equally excited to just do the retouching, its great to get to work with other creative specialist.

Please contact Anthony if you would like any information about the services or costs for your job.

+44 (0)7872 316 310