Free Test Image

Why not get your Free Test Image by contacting me with your great ideas. Together we can discuss your promotional plan and decide on a detailed strategy that will produce you the most striking and powerful image (or images) for your business at a cost that is affordable to you. And the more images you have, the lower the cost of each image.  

“my copy writer wrote the above piece but below is what I wanted to say, I’m interested which you prefer?”

Why does Anthony do Free Tests – Its because I know what your thinking right now “Id like to try Anthony because I like his work but how can I trust him on this delicate job with this deadline.  It’s taken me ages to get where I am and if this retoucher lets me down I could lose my client or worse”  Well I couldn’t agree with you more, we are all in the same situation in this industry and I know how important your work is, that’s why I want to offer you a chance to prove my worth on a free test job of your choosing with no risks.  

People keep saying to me “Never Ever give anything away Anthony, it sets a bad precedent and they will never pay you your worth after that.”  Well first I want to live in a beautiful world full of nice people and that starts by being nice but while this test I’m offering is free its actually about building trust in each other and learning to efficiently work together, for you to experience a professional services in a situation that won’t cost you. The free trial I provide is a risk free investment to ensure you are confident with the results and simple review process. All images are provided to you for commercial and promotional use and I look forward to helping you make an impact! 

Online Retouching Service

Why businesses and private clients use an on-line retouching service. 

  • Highest Quality Guaranteed
  • Fast Turnaround with Flexible Work Hours
  • State of the Art Tools & Techniques
  • Over 20 Year Experience for an Affordable Price

How it works

Initially, I ask a client to provide me with images on-line, a written brief that serves as an essential point of reference for us both, mood board can be helpful too and brand guidelines if you have them. When the job starts we both have access to all the images in Dropbox. We can email but with Zoom screen sharing we can discuss the changes and work on amends more precisely. This allows the client to show me the exact area where the image needs to be modified or enhanced.

Once the images have been retouched, they are automatically saved on-line for both of us to view. This means the client will be able to access files at all times and will be able to see any work in progress which will give the client confidence that deadlines will be met.